We have some new arrivals in the kennels, full details will be on website asap but if you would like more information please e-mail judith@rgtmidlands.co.uk or call 01636 822032

Please note: We try to keep this section of the website as up to date as possible. However, dogs are being homed all the time and new dogs arrive regularly. Please call us for up-to-date information or visit the kennels and meet all our residents ‘face to face’.

Dogs with Special Needs
Some dogs who come to us for re-homing have ‘special needs’.  They may be very timid or shy; may need extra ‘socialising’ with other dogs; or may just be very strong on the lead and need an owner who can handle them.

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Colour - Black DOB - June 2007 Medium Details Major is a lovely ten year old boy, who has been returned to us following the hospitalisation of his owner, an elderly gentleman.  His previous owner was unable to walk him but he was very happen having his garden to...

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Captain is a lovely nine year old boy, who has been in kennels with us for the past 6 years. He doesn’t need lots of exercise and would be happy as a house dog with a garden where he could wander around.

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Dinny is a lovely, very pretty, cute, cuddly, little blue and white girl. Dinny is currently being assessed.

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Freddy is Mr Teddy Bear and stunning. He is cuddly, laid back and chilled and is absolutely gorgeous. Teddy is currently being assessed

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Cheree is a lively, very happy, little black girl and she has a lovely sunny outlook on life.

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Heather is a really delightful, very happy, laid back and chilled little black girl and she has a lovely sunny outlook on life.

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Ranger is a handsome, medium size, white and black greyhound, and he is very young. Ranger is currently reserved.

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Mari is a very small, very pretty black greyhound, she is very cute and she is four and a half years old. Mari is currently reserved

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Lucy is very cute, and a lovely dog, she is very pretty, medium size and brindle

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Meg is Mrs Happy, her tail never stops wagging and she is a delight, she is a lovely, very pretty, medium size, brindle girl.

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Sasha is a lovely, medium size two and a half year old black and white young lady.

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Becky is a beautiful, happy, great temperament, always wagging her tail and pleased to see you and she is three years old is a really special girl.

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